Broncos Defenders Fined for Illegal Hits on Cam Newton


The Denver Broncos were only flagged for one foul after levying several apparent helmet-to-helmet hits on Cam Newton in the season opener Thursday night. But now at least two members of the defense will be hit in the wallet.

Safety Darian Stewart will be fined $18,231 for his illegal hit on Newton, according to ESPN’s Adam Caplan. The standard fine for roughing the passer is $18,231 for a first offense. Brandon Marshall is facing a $24,309 fine for impermissible use of helmet, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. A fine for linebacker Von Miller has yet to be confirmed, but he is expected to face financial consequences. A hit on Newton by cornerback Bradley Roby is also under review by the NFL, according to ESPN’s Jeff Legwold.

Perhaps the most egregious tackle of the night came from Stewart, who crashed into Newton while the Panthers were driving for a game-winning score. It was the only headshot that was flagged, but the penalty was offset due to an intentional grounding call.

Marshall said the Broncos are not a dirty team. “We just play hard, man,” Marshall said via Andrew Mason of the team’s official website.

“And I feel for [Darian] Stewart and them safeties. Those guys are 200 pounds, 210 pounds, so when they get a 250-pound guy running at them, they’re going to either hit them high or low,” Marshall said. “They’re going to get them down any way they can.

“[Cam] is bigger than all of our linebackers.”

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SOURCE: SB Nation, Alex Reimer