Texas A&M Scientist: Brisket Is Healthy

© Hector Sanchez
© Hector Sanchez

Meat to the face.

Did you know there is such thing as good cholesterol? Did you also know that eating brisket helps increase levels of good cholesterol? In just about the most exciting research finding of all time, Texas A&M AgriLife research scientist Dr. Stephen Smith discovered that the high levels of oleic acid in brisket help to increase levels of HDL, known as the good kind of cholesterol.

According to Smith, brisket is the ideal trim for ground beef. “Brisket has higher oleic acid than the flank or plate, which are the trims typically used to produce ground beef,” he said, “[and] Americans consume over 50 percent of their beef as ground beef.”

While we will certainly take this to heart when buying ground beef, we’re most excited to guiltlessly cut into a juicy piece of brisket.

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SOURCE: Food & Wine – Morgan Goldberg