‘League of Legends’ Now Has Over 100 Million Players


The world’s most popular online videogame has joined the triple-digit club.

More than 100 million people now play League of Legends every month, the co-founders of developer Riot Games told reporters this week. That’s as many monthly users as those boasted by streaming music service Spotify, and it’s more than the 83 million worldwide subscribers to streaming video giant Netflix. The gaming developer last revealed user numbers more than two years ago, at which point 67 million people were playing the game on a monthly basis.

As Fortune has reported, League of Legends has seen its user base increase rapidly as more and more gamers flock to the growing eSports market, which is expected to approach half a billion dollars in global revenue this year alone as tournaments continue to move into the mainstream. ESports teams compete around the world in matches with huge followings and millions of dollars at stake in prizes and sponsorships.

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SOURCE: Fortune, Tom Huddleston, Jr.