Donald Trump Shares Results of Physical Examination During Dr. Oz Taping


Donald Trump reportedly shared the results of a physical examination during a television appearance today, despite an earlier assertion by his campaign that no medical information would be divulged.

Earlier this morning, his campaign aides said that he would not be releasing medical records during the taping of an appearance with Dr. Mehmet Oz on “The Dr. Oz Show” today.

After the taping, however, a press release from the show stated that the Republican presidential nominee did in fact share some personal medical information.

“Mr. Trump shared with Dr. Oz the results of his physical examination performed last week by Dr. Harold Bornstein, M.D. of Lenox Hill Hospital, whom has been Mr. Trump’s personal physician for many years,” according to the statement.

Bornstein is the doctor who released an exclamatory note about Trump’s health earlier in the campaign. He was not believed to be present at the taping of the show. But Ivanka Trump was on hand “to speak further about the childcare and maternity leave initiative that the Trump campaign announced Tuesday night,” the statement said. “Additionally, as all physicians do when seeing a patient for the first time, Dr. Oz took Mr. Trump through a full review of systems.”

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SOURCE: ABC News, Tom Llamas and Meghan Keneally