Riva Tims Releases Free E-Book, “Freedom Through Forgiveness”

Freedom Through Forgiveness, Riva Tims
Freedom Through Forgiveness, Riva Tims


Have you ever been hurt by someone? Do you still feel pain, or maybe even anger and bitterness towards them?

Believe it or not, your heart has an ability to deceive itself. It is possible to believe you have forgiven someone when bitterness and unforgiveness are actually still festering.

Don’t live another day with a sick heart. That is not God’s plan for your life. He wants you to live with an overflow of joy. You can be free! Take the first bold step, and join Riva on the journey to freedom and peace that can only be found through total forgiveness.

In this powerful FREE e-book, Freedom Through Forgiveness, Riva Tims’ uses her courageous journey through the depths of scandal, heartbreak, and loss, and shows you how to ultimately turn these experiences into victory. Using her own moving story as a backdrop, she provides real answers and hope for anyone who is dealing with the struggle to truly release all bitterness toward those who have wronged them.

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