On the Heels of Public Betrayal and Grief, Riva Tims Releases Free E-Book on the Power of Forgiveness


Infidelity and unexpected death threatened to steal all that Riva Tims, ex-wife of the late Reverend Zachery Tims, held dear.

But with the pain and anguish now behind her, she desires to help others by releasing a free e-book resource on the redeeming power of forgiveness that led her to triumph.

Freedom Through Forgiveness, downloadable only in e-book format on freedomthroughforgiveness.com, helps readers understand that it is possible for a heart to be sick with unforgiveness without even knowing it. Tims skillfully identifies what true forgiveness is in order for healing to occur.

“When tragedy strikes, we’re faced with two decisions. We can either choose life, or we can choose death,” Tims says. “Choosing death is easier, but I thank God that I chose to let my situation make me better not bitter. I thank God that He showed me how to triumph through my valley experience and come out bolder and more determined than ever to walk in my purpose.”

Tims knows firsthand that forgiveness is not a comfortable subject to address and that forgiveness is part of a difficult journey.

“My process of forgiving took more than two years,” she added. “Boy was it painful—even grueling at times. I chose to forgive, and now I am free from the grip Satan had on my mind and blessings. I am no longer held captive in Satan’s prison of hurt and bitterness. Instead I am living in the freedom and liberty of the Holy Spirit, who brings favor, stability, and peace.”

Tims is pastor of Majestic Life Ministries, a thriving nondenominational congregation in Orlando, Florida. She is also currently the host of The Glory of Gospel on WCFB/Star 94.FM in Orlando, Florida.

SOURCE: EEW Magazine – Althea Thompson