Pastor Darrell Scott and Bishop Corletta Vaughn Get Into Heated Discussion Over Donald Trump


Two black pastors––one Donald Trump supporter and one Hillary Clinton supporter––got pretty heated tonight on CNN on the subject of Trump’s recent visit to a black church.

Pastor Darrell Scott was at Trump’s speech and loved it. Bishop Corletta Vaughn was there too and while she thought it was good, “it was not convincing enough for me” because he didn’t present policies or plans and he never apologized for his past offenses (like birtherism).

Scott not only tried to pawn birtherism off on Clinton (people around her spread nasty rumors but they didn’t embrace it publicly like Trump did), and he said, “Mr. Trump is entitled to believe it or not.”

As for his church speech, Scott not only claimed some parishioners are switching their votes to Trump, but he insisted Trump has done plenty to engage the black community.

Vaughn bewilderedly asked what, and they ended up clashing. Scott cried, “Let me talk!”

He called her out for declining an invitation to be a part of Trump’s roundtable with black leaders last year and shouted, “You chickened out!”

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Source: | Josh Feldman