Al Sharpton Calls Donald Trump’s Remarks at Black Church in Detroit ‘Insult to our Intelligence’


Al Sharpton wasn’t all that impressed by Donald Trump‘s black outreach efforts with a visit to a Detroit church today. He said on MSNBC this afternoon that Trump “blew an opportunity” to lay out a clear vision of his agenda for the black community in an ideal forum for that.

And with Trump talking about communities learning from each other, Sharpton said, “Harlem is on the same island as Trump Tower. What have you gone up there and learned?”

He argued that it sounds like Trump is “just discovering” what black people need but not actually outlining specific policies for them, unlike Hillary Clinton.

“It’s an insult to our intelligence,” Sharpton said, “to come to us acting as if just saying that we should all come together… is going to bridge that gap.”

He found a lot of what Trump said to be “insulting” and a little condescending, saying Trump should be talking about the black people he’s given contracts to or who are in his employ.

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Source: | Josh Feldman