WATCH: Our Girl, Barbra Streisand, Is Back at the Top with New Album ‘Encore’, Beating Out Contemporary Artists Like Britney Spears by 60,000 Copies


Barbra Streisand, who happens to be a member of God’s chosen people, Israel, has one of the greatest voices of all time.


Surprise! Barbra Streisand has pulled it off again. Her odd “Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway” album debuts at number 1 this week, beating Britney Spears, Florida Georgia Line, and Frank Ocean by a mile or two.

Streisand’s real triumph here is that her numbers were entirely from sales, not streaming. She sold 150,000 CDs and digital downloads. Her streaming numbers were minimal.

In real sales, Florida Georgia Line sold 129,000, Britney came in around 91,000, and Ocean dropped 81% from last week with just 44,000 in digital sales (he has no CD).

But even when you add in streaming, Streisand is number 1. Streaming for the three other acts didn’t surpass her. And that’s quite an achievement.

Streisand was hovering around number 3 by last Saturday night. But her appearance on CBS Sunday Morning probably put her over the top. And her Tonight Show bit with Jimmy Fallon was a huge boost.

As I wrote the other day, Ocean totally screwed himself up by not having a CD, and by limiting himself to AppleMusic and iTunes. Plus he has no single, which is the key for a contemporary act. We don’t expect to hear Streisand on Z100, but Ocean has to splash in that group.

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SOURCE: Showbiz 411
Roger Friedman