Florida Woman Arrested for Stealing $85,000 From Girl Scouts


A 42-year-old Sarasota woman started stealing money from the Girl Scouts to help her get through tough financial times.

Then she said she couldn’t stop.

Now Stephanie Person, 42, is facing grand theft and scheme to fraud charges. She is accused of stealing $85,000 from the Girl Scouts of GulfCoast Fl.

The chief executive officer of the organization became suspicious in May that $77,000 had been diverted from accounts holding money for troops, according to the police report.

Person was the member services coordinator for the Girl Scouts, who handled money for the organization. She allegedly began transferring money into an inactive troop account she used for her own expenses. The Gulfcoast organization is comprised of troops from 10 counties.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Melissa Montoya