WATCH: Cam Newton on Colin Kaepernick’s Protest: ‘Who Am I to Say That It’s Right? Who Am I to Say That It’s Wrong?’; Stephen A. Smith Blasts Newton For Dancing Around the Question


Cam Newton has decided to remain neutral when it comes to being for or against Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the National Anthem.

“Who am I to say that it’s wrong? Who am I to say that it’s right? Either or, it’s still personal,” said Cam when asked about the matter.

He continued:

“What I can’t fathom is how does one-eighth of an inch — something so small — be the difference in such a big commodity in our whole lifetime. That’s the thickness of our skin — one-eighth of an inch. And under that, we’re all the same color. That’s the big picture.”

“A lot of scrutiny happens when the athletes start talking about race, but the truth of the matter is we just gotta do right by each other,” said Cam. “No matter what color you are. Certain things that has happened in our life, in our lifetime, is kind of embarrassing to be affiliated with, but it still happens. Who am I to say, Colin you’re wrong. And who am I to say, you’re right. We all have the right to think whatever we want to think.”