Panthers QB Cam Newton Is Launching the “Smokn’ Aces” Food Truck

Cam Newton talks about his food truck launch.
Cam Newton talks about his food truck launch.

Although his day job keeps him pretty busy these days, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is also launching a food truck.

Newton talked about his latest project in an interview this week with WCCB News anchor Morgan Fogarty. Called “Smokn’ Aces,” the truck’s menu will consist of “fish, obviously, and chicken,” said Newton, who is himself a pescetarian.

The food truck makes its debut Sept. 18, the Panthers’ first regular season home game against the San Francisco 49ers, Newton said. It will be parked across from the Duke Energy Building, in the Goodyear Arts lot.

That’s where the truck’s parked now, and also where it was painted by Mark Paul Deren, a California-based artist. The black-and-blue truck includes a rendering of Newton doing his iconic celebratory dances on either side — one depicts the quarterback in his “Superman” pose, and the other shows him pointing to the stands.

Smokn’ Aces will be parked and open for business on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. All of the proceeds from the first week will go toward a program for at-risk individuals in Charlotte, Newton said.

“I wanted to be closer to people,” Newton explained. He told Fogarty he won’t be in the truck; he’ll be outside, eating.

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SOURCE: The Charlotte Observer
Katherine Peralta