It Is a Crying Shame that Grown Adults Are Calling Beyonce’s Baby Girl ‘Ugly’


From a young age, women are (unfortunately) taught to judge each other based on appearance. Starting in elementary school, social status is often determined by physical beauty and cliques are formed accordingly.

While men are also divided into different social strata based on their attributes, the criteria for determining who’s cool and who isn’t has far less to do with looks for them, and much more to do with intelligence, ability and teamwork.

While measuring a person’s worth by their external beauty might sound childish, and it very well is, these attitudes simply don’t evaporate once we grow up.

This week, musical powerhouse Beyonce walked the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards with her daughter Blue Ivy. Since Blue Ivy’s birth, the child has been subjected to harsh criticism about her appearance. And reactions to her recent VMA appearance on Twitter and other social media were beyond embarrassing.

“So are we all just supposed to pretend that Blue Ivy isn’t ugly as hell forever?” asked Twitter user @keltheyrich who also went on to write “…Blue Ivy is ugly as sin and there’s no way around it.”

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Source: The Huffington Post | Jia Wertz