Tim Tebow’s Baseball Tryout to Be Held on Tuesday (We at BCNN1 believe that Tim Tebow will fail at making a Major League Baseball team unless he goes back and apologizes to Pastor Robert Jeffress and the First Baptist Church of Dallas for refusing to speak at their church dedication service because he was trying to curry favor with the homosexuals in New York to keep his job with the Jets which backfired.)

Tim Tebow. (Photo: Matt Emmons, USA TODAY Sports)
Tim Tebow.
(Photo: Matt Emmons, USA TODAY Sports)

Tim Tebow will showcase his baseball skills for Major League Baseball teams in Los Angeles next Tuesday, USA TODAY Sports confirmed.

The former NFL quarterback has trained the last several months in Scottsdale, Ariz., and Los Angeles as he makes inroads toward a major league career. All 30 major league teams have been notified about the showcase, a person with knowledge of the event who is not authorized to speak publicly told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday.

The showcase will not be open to the public.

Tebow’s NFL career spanned three seasons, the first two with the Denver Broncos(2010 , 2011) and one season with the New York Jets (2012). He’s been a broadcaster with ESPN in the years since.

    Tebow last played baseball on a regular basis in 2004 as a junior at Nease High in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. He hit .494 that season and drew the attention of scouts before he chose football as his path en route to winning the Heisman Trophy and leading Florida to two national titles.

    SOURCE: USA Today