Former Muslim Turned Christian Evangelist, Nabeel Qureshi, Has Stomach Cancer

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A rising Christian evangelist and convert from Islam has announced he has advanced stomach cancer.

Nabeel Qureshi has appeared on CBN to tell his testimony. He grew up as a devout American Muslim, and believed Islam to be a religion of peace.

But after September 11, 2001, he was confronted with the stark reality of jihad. So he dug deeper into his religion to find answers.

“It became abundantly clear why people could be so violent in their practice of Islam because the original teachings of Muhammad, there were some very, very violent teachings found in the traditions of Islam,” Qureshi said.

His search for answers about Islam ultimately led Qureshi to faith in Jesus Christ.

Now Qureshi will be tackling a new fight, this time against stomach cancer. He wrote on Facebook that his clinical prognosis is grim, but his faith gives him a reason to hope.

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