WATCH: Behind Every Good Man Is a True Lady In His Corner


Forget JoJo and Jordan from The Bachelorette. Don’t aspire to be Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. And, as tremendous as they were, stop obsessing over Jim and Pam from The Office.

The couple that you should want to emulate, the pairing that is perfect, and the duo that is absolutely, certifiably #GOALS, is Redskins rookie T.J. Thorpe and his girlfriend Kayla Cason. And they have the footage to prove why they’re everything you and your significant other should strive to be.

The now viral video, which was filmed on Friday before Washington’s 21-16 victory against the Bills, captures a pregame ritual that Thorpe and Cason have participated in since their college days, according to Prepare to swoon:

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Source: CSN Mid Atlantic | Peter Hailey