Trump says Colin Kaepernick ‘Should Find a Country That Works Better for Him’


On the same day 49ers coach Chip Kelly said Colin Kaepernick would play Thursday in military-heavy San Diego, the quarterback’s national anthem protest continued to be the talk of the country, including by someone running for its highest office.

“I have followed it and I think personally it’s a terrible thing,” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Monday on the Dori Monson radio show. “And, you know, maybe he should find a country that works better for him. Let him try. It’s not going to happen.”

On Sunday, Kaepernick said he couldn’t honor the flag of a country with so many issues. He said the two presidential candidates embody those problems.

“You have Donald Trump, who’s openly racist,” he said. “We have a presidential candidate (Hillary Clinton) who has deleted emails and done things illegally and is a presidential candidate. That doesn’t make sense to me because if that was any other person, you’d be in prison. So what is this country really standing for?”

Kelly, meanwhile, said Kaepernick will play in the 49ers’ preseason finale Thursday because the quarterback needs more work after missing two games because of a fatigued throwing shoulder.

“We plan on playing him this week,” Kelly said on KNBR radio. “How much? I don’t really know yet.”

Kelly has said Kaepernick still is competing with Blaine Gabbert for the starting job. However, a Fox Sports report over the weekend asserted Kaepernick may not even make the season-opening roster.

The 49ers will owe Kaepernick $11.9 million whether he is on the team or not. But they could save as much as $2 million in roster bonuses if he is released. The team also would have to pay Kaepernick his 2017 base salary, $14.5 million, if he gets hurt this season and is still injured April 1.

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