Pastor Mark Burns Says Trump Is Going to the Black Community to Solve Problems, Not Say ‘See You in Four Years’ Like Democrats


“This is a really exciting time for the Trump campaign,” Pastor Mark Burns told Breitbart’s Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM. “So many doors within the African-American community in this country have opened up for Mr. Trump.”

Burns said the campaign was being “strategic” in choosing the right times and places to interface with that community.

“People are saying Mr. Trump is not going to the black communities, he’s not going to the areas that are impacted in urban centers in our country,” he said. “It wasn’t that he wasn’t going, and it wasn’t that people wouldn’t invite him, either. It was just choosing the right place, that we thought would have the greatest impact within the African-American community in this country, and the heart of Detroit is just that.”

“Mr. Trump will be speaking, and answering questions on the only African-American owned and operated national Christian TV network, which is the Impact network. And he’s going to be interviewed by the CEO and president of the network, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, in the heart of Detroit, at the Great Faith Church in Detroit,” Burns announced.

Burns said Trump would have a sizable all-black audience at the church, providing him with an “opportunity to just pour his heart out, and the same person that I’ve grown to love, and to know his compassion for all Americans, the whole world’s going to be able to see come this Saturday, September 3rd, at 11:00 A.M. from Detroit.”

He said he knows, “without a shadow of a doubt,” that Trump’s outreach to African-Americans “is going to be successful,” adding that he’s never brought an African-American to a personal meeting with Trump and had them “come out of his presence not liking him, and not wanting to vote for him.”

“You’re going to be able to hear the heart of the compassionate man who is concerned about HBCUs – Historically Black Colleges and Universities,” Burns promised. “You’re going to hear how he’s really concerned about the educational system, and why our children, in many urban communities, are failing. They’re doomed to fail the day they enter the school system, because the public schools are so under-performing. And Donald Trump is saying, we’ve got to give parents the right to choose schools.”

“You’re going to hear him talking about law enforcement, and police brutality, and why he is the law-enforcement candidate, but he also has compassion for those who felt, in some cases, that they were targeted simply because of the color of their skin, and how he would tolerate no abuse of power,” Burns continued. “Whether it be on the Executive Branch level, the State Department, like Hillary Clinton, or a common police officer who is taking advantage of his power, abusing people, because he just gets a kick out of it.”

“Donald Trump will be the President of all races,” he declared. “We’ll hear him talking about jobs, and how many African-Americans are unemployed across this country, but we’ve got to challenge that, and how we’re going to do that.”

Burns noted that most Republican candidates don’t “go out to the African-American community,” as Trump is doing.

“Donald Trump understands that this is an opportunity to show how this Republican Party, under Donald Trump, is not the same as the Republican Party of old,” he declared. “He beat out 16 other cookie-cutter, polished politician Republicans, who probably would not be doing what Donald Trump is doing, because he is an unconventional candidate. He is not your polished politician. And he is doing things that reflect, directly, his heart, and not necessarily a political party’s agenda. So Donald Trump is going out to the African-American community, unlike any other Republican candidate has ever done before.”

Burns agreed with Boyle that Trump’s approach as a no-nonsense problem-solver was one of his greatest assets, as well as causing friction with the political establishment.

“It’s about problem-solving. It’s not about pandering after a race, just for your vote,” Burns said. “It’s about identifying a problem, creating a solution, and then going straight to the problem, instead of all the theatrics that many politicians do – the photo ops, and just to say ‘hey, I care,’ when they really don’t care. You know, give a heartwarming speech, and then get your vote, then leave you, like the Clintons and the Democrat Party have done. Sing ‘Kumbaya,’ sing ‘Amazing Grace’ in our churches, and then leave us for four years, and say ‘hey, I care about you, I’ll see you in the next four years.’ That’s what they do.”

“Donald Trump is not going to pander after a race,” he said. “Donald Trump is going to identify a problem, and he’s going to tackle it, as he’s done every one of his projects – which is why he is so successful as a businessman, and he’s going to be a successful President.”

When Boyle asked why conditions in the black community have deteriorated so much under Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Burns replied, “Just look at the welfare rates right now – in the eight years that Barack Obama has been President, within the black community, welfare has shot up to over 51 percent… a huge, huge increase in food stamps and welfare.”

Furthermore, he said “home ownership has dropped 9.1 percent since the time Obama has become President, within the black communities,” while “academically, we’re still not performing at the level other ethnic groups are performing at.”

He blamed this on a “system that is run by the Democrat Party,” a “welfare system that impacts many minorities and low-income people in our country.”

“Instead of creating a system that gets you off of welfare, so you can become eventually dependent on your own, it’s a system that’s designed to create a permanent dependent state, which is what has taken place under Democrat rule within the urban community,” he charged, noting that most such communities have been controlled by Democratic representatives for a long time.

Burns said the Democrats enjoyed political success in the black community, despite their policy failures, because they “reach out” to African-Americans in a way Republicans have not, until Donald Trump.

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SOURCE: Breitbart News – John Hayward