Brock Turner, Stanford University Student Convicted of Sexual Assault, Expected to be Released This Friday After Serving Only 3 Months of His Sentence


Brock Turner, the former Stanford University student and swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious and intoxicated woman in 2015, is expected to be released from the Santa Clara County Jail this Friday, September 2, after serving only half of his six-month sentence.

As the Associated Press reported in June, early releases are common for good behavior.

Back in January 2015, Turner was detained for the campus assault after two graduate students saw Turner and a woman behind a garbage bin. When the 19-year-old Turner tried to flee, the two students caught him and held him down until the police arrived and made the arrest. Turner was later charged and found guilty of three felony counts of sexual assault.

After presiding Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Turner to six months in jail and three years’ probation, many decried the light punishment and called for Persky’s removal.

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SOURCE: San Francisco Chronicle, Alyssa Pereira