Blizzard Launches Live Streaming for Games on Facebook


Twitch who?

Though Blizzard hasn’t come out and said it, there’s no doubt that the company is keen on keeping gamers involved and engaged with its platform as much as possible. Whether you’re controlling space armies, controlling orc armies, fighting demons, playing card games, or trying to shoot at an enemy team behind a giant force shield, it’s not that difficult to livestream your epic gaming sessions with the world. It does require a bit of work on your part to set up the software and pick a streaming site. Even then, you’ll have to build a following for your stream, the 208th Hearthstone channel of the day, to really make much of an impact on a site like Twitch.

Perhaps that’s why Blizzard’s latest solution for streamers (and wannabe streamers) bypasses the official game-streaming platforms entirely. Rather than creating its own Blizzard streaming site, the company is instead offering a new feature in its software that lets gamers stream their gameplay directly to their Facebook accounts. Any one of your Facebook friends can now see what you’re up to and take a few minutes (or hours) to watch you play.

“Wanna show off your sweet legendary helm, your card-slinging skills, or your latest Play of the Game? We’ve got you covered with an exciting new feature: Blizzard Streaming,” reads an announcement in Blizzard’s client.

“We’ve partnered up with Facebook to give our players an easy way to go live by streaming their gameplay on the world’s biggest social network. Blizzard Streaming supports webcam and mic usage and setup is quick—you can start and stop your stream with the press of a button!”

To get started, fire up and wait for it to update itself to the latest version (if it hasn’t already). Once it’s online, you’ll want to click on the big movie camera icon in the upper-right portion of the main screen. You’ll be asked to connect to your Facebook account if you haven’t already.

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SOURCE: PC Mag, David Murphy