The Black and White First Baptist Churches in Macon, Georgia, Are Working Together to Heal the Racial Divide

L: Rev. Scott Dickison R: James W. Goolsby, Jr.
L: Rev. Scott Dickison
R: Rev. James W. Goolsby, Jr.

There are two First Baptist Churches in Macon — one black and one white. They sit almost back-to-back, separated by a small park, in a hilltop historic district overlooking downtown.

“We’re literally around the corner from each other,” said the Rev. Scott Dickison, pastor of the white church.

About 170 years ago, they were one congregation, albeit a church of masters and slaves. Then the fight over abolition and slavery started tearing badly at religious groups and moving the country toward Civil War. The Macon church, like many others at the time, decided it was time to separate by race.

Source: The AP