This is How It’s Done, Preachers Who Fall Into Sin: Fox News’ Ed Henry Stepped Down for 4 Months After he Was Caught Committing Adultery. We Believe he is a Good Man Who Messed Up. Now, Fox is Bringing him Back On. All We Are Saying, Preachers, is That if You Mess Up, You Need to Sit Down for a While and Get Things Right With God and Your Family Before Retaking a Leadership Role in the Ministry.


Just days before returning to work after an affair with a stripper sidelined his career last spring, Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry looked cheerful and relaxed while running errands outside his home on Friday morning.

Henry, dressed casually in shorts, an Under Armour polo and sunglasses, appeared to be in good spirits while clutching a newspaper and a coffee, four months after a Las Vegas stripper went public with intimate details of her alleged 10-month affair with the married newsman.

When asked whether he was happy to be getting back to work on Monday, Henry flashed a smile but declined to comment before walking back inside his home to his wife, NPR editor Shirley Hung.

The Fox News correspondent and Hung, who met while both were working at CNN, have been married since 2010.

Henry will return to Fox News as chief national correspondent and will not be covering the presidential campaigns, The Hill reported on Thursday.

‘He took the summer off to work out some issues,’ an insider told the website.

His first on-air assignment will reportedly be at 6 a.m. on Monday for Fox and Friends. He’ll based in Washington and will be assigned to a specific 6am to 2pm shift.

Henry, 45, took a hiatus from Fox News last May, after Natalia Lima — a 42-year-old dancer at the Sapphire club in Vegas — dished about their relationship and shared explicit text messages with InTouch.

But the 45-year-old will no longer be the network’s chief White House correspondent, with his new title being Chief National Correspondent – meaning he will not be reporting on the presidential campaign at all.

Henry, who is married with two children and previously worked for CNN, was sidelined by Fox officials after In Touch magazine revealed his affair with Natalia Lima.

Lima, a veteran stripper, said she and Henry engaged in a ten-month affair after meeting in a Las Vegas gentleman’s club.

She performed steamy $2,000-an-hour routines for Henry in a private VIP ‘Skybox’ at Sapphire Las Vegas strip club.

The pair hit it off during their encounters at the popular venue and engaged in a secret love affair at luxury hotels when the veteran newsman visited Sin City.

Lima revealed her tryst with Henry in a salacious kiss-and-tell with In Touch magazine, prompting him to take time off work in a bid to mend his relationship with his wife, NPR’s Deputy Washington Editor, Shirley Hung.

But while Lima was described in reports as a glamorous Las Vegas hostess and through friends claims to have met Henry five years ago during an innocent Twitter exchange, revealed that in fact she is a long-time stripper and Henry was one of her clients.

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