Tennessee Police Officer Shot and Killed Responding to Domestic Disturbance Call

Police tape at an armored car robbery. | Brian Jackson~Sun-Times
Police tape at an armored car robbery. | Brian Jackson~Sun-Times

A police officer in Maryville, Tenn., was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance call on Thursday, according to local authorities.

Police believe they have the person responsible in custody, Tony J. Crisp, the Maryville police chief, said at a briefing with reporters.

Maryville, a small city of 27,000 people just south of Knoxville, is home to a small department that has 48 sworn officers, according to its website. On Thursday, the pain of the loss was evident on the faces of law enforcement officials gathered for the briefing, as Crisp and Blount County Sheriff James L. Berrong both had to pause repeatedly to gather themselves while releasing details of the shooting.

“We ask our citizens to remember this officer’s family, his three small children,” Crisp said. “It’s a very trying time for his family, it’s a trying time for the men and women of the Maryville Police Department, it’s a trying time for the law enforcement in this community.”

The officer, along with a Blount County Sheriff’s deputy, happened to be in the area as part of a narcotics investigation involving a task force that combined local law enforcement agencies. He was not immediately named because authorities were still trying to reach relatives that were out of town, Crisp said. This officer had been with the department for several years and was only recently assigned to narcotics.

Other officers had responded earlier in the day to a domestic violence call, but did not have enough probable cause to take someone into custody, Berrong said. In the afternoon, they received another call about domestic violence, this one “involving a gun,” Berrong said.

Because the slain officer and the deputy were working on their case nearby, they responded to the area.

“When they exited their vehicle, the perpetrator had exited the house, armed with a firearm, and began shooting,” Crisp said. “Unfortunately, we had an officer, a Maryville police officer who was shot and killed.”

The deputy returned fire and didn’t hit the shooter, but the attacker “responsible for this crime” was taken into custody, Crisp said.

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SOURCE: Mark Berman 
The Washington Post