BCNN1 Defends Tyler Perry Against Criticism Over Creation of Show With All White Cast

Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry

Some black people need to stop tripping. They need to stop thinking that all black people are a monolith, and that blacks can’t stretch and do things with people of other races and ethnicities.

If some black folk would let their guard down a little bit, they will find that there are white folks in this world who will be a blessing to them if they let them.

We at BCNN1 love being black because God has made us black and we thank God for the unique gifts and talents that God has given to black people. We also thank God for white folks, brown folks, red folks, and yellow folks as well and the unique gifts and talents that God has given them.

If you have not figured it out yet, God gives gifts and talents to individuals, to families, and to races, and God wants us to enjoy it all as He enjoys it all.

And let us let you in on a little secret that Tyler Perry knows and all smart black people know: sometimes, white folks are easier to work with and get things done with better than some of our own folk. You may not like that truth, but it is the truth.

–BCNN1 Editors