Ex-Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Allegedly Referred to Stacey Dash as the “Mean Black Girl”, Said Harris Faulkner “Has the Tendency to Look Like the Angry Black Woman”


A lawsuit filed by a former Fox News Channel host alleges the now-ousted CEO made disparaging remarks about employees. Andrea Tantaros primarily accuses Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. But the documents also maintain the ex-chief subjected employees to derogatory comments based on race, too.

And Stacey Dash is one of the targets.

Tantaros’ $50 million suit alleged Ailes’ network “masquerades as a defender of traditional family values, but behind the scenes, it operates like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency and misogyny.”

Referring to the former Fox head’s racially charged remarks, Tantaros recalls Ailes said to Dash, “I heard you were the mean Black girl.”

The statement came after Tantaros and the “Clueless” actress disagreed on air.

His stereotypical remarks did not stop there. Tantaros also claims Ailes made disparaging remarks about African-American Fox News journalist Harris Faulkner.

“Harris has to be careful,” he reportedly said. “She has the tendency to look like the angry Black woman.”

Faulkner co-hosts FNC’s “Outnumbered” and anchors “Fox Report Weekend,” according to the channel’s website.

Ailes’ alleged comments come months after Dash adamantly continued to stand behind her conservative values.

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SOURCE: Atlanta Black Star – Kiersten Willis