WATCH: Tyler Perry Dismisses Criticism Over his Hiring of All White Actors for Latest Show On TLC


Tyler Perry has a new show which debuted on TLC last night called Tyler Perry’s Too Close to Home.

Unfortunately, the show is facing a lot of backlash from Perry’s core audience, who feel the cast isn’t close to home at all. This time around, Perry decided on an all-white cast for his series, drawing criticism from his loyal fans across social media.

Here’s a taste of the reaction to Too Close to Home on Twitter. Clearly, folks are not happy about this:

Welp, turns out Perry doesn’t care what people think, and clapped back at the criticism with haste. Speaking on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, he said, “I’m so sick of folks asking me why I have a show full of white folks. What the hell? Nobody asked Norman Lear why he wrote for Black people all those years.”

He then continued with a puzzling analogy: “If Donald Trump can pitch to Black folks in an all-white neighborhood, why can’t you watch this show on TLC?! What is going on in this country.”

Perry doubled down on his thoughts when TMZ caught up with him:

Do you agree with his justification that “people are people” or do you feel betrayed by Perry whitewashing his own show? Guess the ratings will help answer that question after the show airs last night.

Watch Perry talk about expanding his empire on The Real here.

SOURCE: BET – Evelyn Diaz