WATCH: Congressman John Lewis Shares Stories From Civil Rights Movement, Discusses Racial Tension and Non-Violence with Lecrae and Jeff Shinabarger


YouTube channel PlywoodPeople recently had Lecrae and Jeff Shinabarger interview Congressman John Lewis about his experiences during the Civil Rights movement and walking the streets with Dr. Martin Luther King.

Lecrae and Shinabarger sat and asked questions regarding non-violence, societal changes, and staying steadfast behind a message when it seems all hope is lost.

“If you want change…you have to be prepared to pay a price…you have to believe in something that is so precious, almost sacred, that you are willing to give everything you have,” said Lewis.

The interviewees sat in awe of Lewis’ story of perseverance, and the knowledge he has acquired over the years in fighting for the rights of African Americans. The congressman’s heart was full of forgiveness, inspiration, and the willingness to teach others.

“When people tell me nothing has changed, I tell people to come walk in my shoes,” Lewis said, as he described “Colored Only” bathrooms, restaurants, and seating. He says the only time the next generation will be exposed to segregation like that is through history books and museums.

Simply reading about the powerful stories and message conveyed here does not do the video justice.

Watch Congressman John Lewis’ story below:

SOURCE: Rapzilla – Justin Sarachik