South Charlotte Church Sign Vandalized


A south Charlotte church makes a plea to stop hurting those who are already hurting. This comes after its sign was vandalized over the weekend.

It happened at Wedgewood Church on a busy portion of Tyvola Road.

Someone put white tape over the word “black.” The message says “Stop killing, disrespecting black people.”

While the minister says the vandals was probably good intentioned and could’ve done much worse, it’s changing the message they’re trying to share with the community.

“That is a wonderful message, but that puts your head in the sand in terms of the problem with racism and the way black people are being treated,” said Rev. Dr. Chris Ayers.

This is the fifth incident at the church over the past five years. The worst was last year when someone painted a gay slur on the front door. The church re-painted over it with a rainbow flag.

Since the Orlando shooting, the church hired two off-duty CMPD officers to be there during Sunday services.

Source: TWC News | Shawn Flynn