Pastor Files Petition to Have COGIC Bishop Talbert Swan Removed Over Threatening him For Having Earl Carter Continue to Speak at his Church and On his Radio Program


By signing this petition you agree that this is unwanted behavior in the church? Bribery, misuse of power and influence to intimidate operating in the Church of God in Christ.

Around April 2016, I Jonathan Bernard was contacted by Bishop Talbert Swan. He contacted me around 11 pm via twitter with the direct matter of Dr. Earl Carter.  The first question he asked me was why did I allow Carter to come on my radio program. The second question he asked was why did I allow him to be a guest speaker at my church. Thirdly he directed me to allow him, Talbert Swan, to be a guest on my show the next time Earl Carter comes on.

He asked these questions rebuking me for extending an invitation to Dr. Earl Carter. He took it even further by sending me a picture of a gun and his police badge from the Springfield Police Department. I reported it to the Springfield Massachusetts Police Department, a Lt in the commissioner’s office, I spoke to the  major crimes unit and a Sgt in the internal affairs unit.  They all gave me their emails and requested that I email the information, and I did.

I also reported it to the Los Angeles COGIC where Charles Blake is the presiding prelate over COGIC. I received a response email from Charles Blake COGIC , the email stated someone would get back to me and never did . I  also reported the issue to general board member Brandon Porter and his only response was to “like” one of the videos I did on Talbert Swan.

I was in total disbelief and shock that an organization such as COGIC would allow and authorize Talbert Swan to directly contact me in this manner. When have the rules and regulations of the church  allowed one to rebuke and question another denomination and church leader on what they should do?

As a result, Talbert Swan harassed me on all social media outlets. Though I have blocked him , he continues to harass me via his family social media accounts.  He continues his campaign in efforts to intimidate me.  He falsely impersonated  me with a fake twitter account under the name Bishop Jonathan Bernard which is not my account.

Here Talbert Swan belittled the work of the ministry insulting me and the work we do for God here in Baltimore. He took pictures of my church and sent it to me . Following the visit from Dr. Earl Carter Nov 2015, our property was vandalized by a drawing of a large penis on our sanctuary.  The neighborhood was appalled at such hatred.

To this day Talbert Swan continues to pay people to gather information about me from my past to now.  He uses the  influence of his uncle Rep. Benjamin Swan to  swing his heavy weight to persuade people that what he says is right and nothing but the truth. I have proof of everything stated in this petition from beginning to end of what he has been doing.

With my right hand on the Holy Bible under God’s oath of his watch, I state all facts in this petition to be true.

SOURCE: Care2 Petitions – Jonathan Bernard