After Judge Issues Injunction Blocking President Obama’s Transgender Directive, Franklin Graham Warns Christians That the Battle Against It Is ‘Not Over’

(PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE) Franklin Graham is shown in this file photo.
Franklin Graham is shown in this file photo.

The Rev. Franklin Graham is hailing a Texas judge’s decision to grant an injunction to block President Obama’s transgender directive for public schools nationwide.

Earlier this week, a district court judge blocked the implementation of a directive from the Obama administration that would require public schools to allow male students to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms if they self-identify as female.

In comments posted to his Facebook page Tuesday morning, Graham said he was “thankful for a judge with wisdom and common sense — and who has the courage to do the right thing.”

“His 38-page order said federal agencies exceeded their authority in this matter, and he is so right. Thankfully, the injunction he issued applies nationwide and temporarily blocks this administration from requiring school districts to allow transgender students to choose which restroom and locker rooms to use,” wrote Graham.

“Share this — and pray that this will be a turning of the tide for the outrageous transgender laws that LGBTQ activists and the Democratic Party have been trying to force down our throats as a nation.”

Graham went on to note that the “battle’s not over — unless something changes in Washington you can be assured this will be appealed, so we’ve got to continue to pray and work against this.”


SOURCE: The Christian Post – Michael Gryboski