Tina Knowles Donates To Louisiana Flood Victims, Urges Others To Do The Same and To Pray For Louisiana


As the city of Baton Rouge continues on its road to recovery following Aug. 12 floods, Texas native Tina Knowles is doing her part to help those effected by the devastation.

Knowles made an announcement via her Instagram account Saturday that she had contributed to the relief efforts in Louisiana by donating an undisclosed amount to the Save the Children Gulf Coast Flood Children’s Relief Fund. She also encouraged others to pitch in to help residents.

Knowles, whose family’s history is rooted in Louisiana, joins the likes of other celebrities, including, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift who have contributed to the state’s flood relief efforts.

To date, the flood has affected more than 75,000 residents, destroyed approximately 40,000 homes, and has left 13 people dead ― making it America’s worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, according to the Red Cross.

For more info on how to help the victims of the Louisiana floods, click here.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post – Brennan Williams