Louisiana Newspaper Says They Are ‘Glad’ That President Obama Has Decided to Visit State


The editor of the major Louisiana newspaper that urged President Obama to cut short his summer vacation to see the devastating flooding that has damaged roughly 40,000 home said Friday he’s pleased that the president will visit the state.

“Our feeling is that this is a crisis that calls for presidential leadership, and we’re glad to see the president is coming,” Advocate Editor Peter Kovacs told Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.” “The magnitude of the devastation is something you really have to come here to see.”

An editorial in the newspaper, the largest in Louisiana, on Thursday asked that Obama visit the state before his vacation ends Sunday in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., saying the president should “pack his bags now” and leave the “playground for the posh and well connected.”

However, Obama is scheduled to visit Louisiana on Tuesday, the White House said Friday.

Earlier that day, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and running-mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence toured the flood damage, handed out supplies and vowed to help “rebuild.”

“We are not here to say we think the president should have come,” Kovacs also told Fox News. “We are glad he is coming. We are not here to say who got here first. We need all these leaders here.”

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SOURCE: Fox News, The Associated Press