Leadership Network Report Gives Churches Advice on How to Increase Tithe, Donations


Financial offerings to one’s church have always been a freewill effort, but more than likely church leaders wouldn’t mind receiving extra generous gifts.

A new report from the Leadership Network, a Christian nonprofit ministry headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is giving churches advice on how to increase the contributions they recieve.

In partnership with MortarStone, a donor analytics platform that analyzed over $1.5 billion in personal church giving, Leadership Network’s Warren Bird has generated a report that condenses those analytics into the following 13 benchmarks that might help church leaders increase the generosity of their congregants.

1) New contributions

Fifty-five percent of new givers to a church’s general fund will give a second time during the course of 12 months.

2) Retention rate

Of all new givers to the church over a 12-month interval, the church will retain 48 percent of them through month 24.

3) Those who continue to give into year two

Congregants who continue giving into year two will contribute 64 percent more throughout months 13-24 than in months 1-12.

4) 6 percent of trackable giving

Six percent of trackable giving to a church’s general fund comes from new givers over the course of a year.

5) 69 percent of a church’s new giver constituency

69 percent of a church’s new givers contribute over $200 annually to the church’s general fund.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Kevin Porter