Nancy Pelosi Receives ‘Obscene and Sick’ Phone Calls After DNC Hack


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she has received “obscene and sick calls” following a cyberattack that made public the personal information, including cell phone numbers, of Democratic entities, leaders and donors.

The hack, widely attributed to Russia, specifically targeted Democrats and Democratic groups including the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

The hacker, using the name Guccifer 2.0, also dumped the personal contact info of House Democrats, congressional staff members and campaign personnel on his website.

In a letter to Democrats, Pelosi warned colleagues not to answer their phones or read incoming text messages.

“I am changing my phone number, and I advise you to do so as well,” Pelosi wrote.

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SOURCE: The Hill, Jessie Hellmann