Christian Speaker, Author and Actress Morgan Avery McCoy Uses Drama Ministry to Bring Healing and Wholeness to Women

In her "She's Got Issues" compilation of monologues, Richmond, Va. actress and women's minister Morgan McCoy portrays a 9-year-old child abuse victim. Photo by Diana Chandler
In her “She’s Got Issues” compilation of monologues, Richmond, Va. actress and women’s minister Morgan McCoy portrays a 9-year-old child abuse victim.
Photo by Diana Chandler

A ministry leader receives a troubling medical diagnosis. A preteen is sexually abused by a grown man her mother had introduced as an uncle. A married mother considers adopting until she learns she’s already pregnant with her second child.

These female characters expressing pain are among more than 20 personalities presented in original monologues of Morgan Avery McCoy, a 29-year-old Christian speaker, author and actress in Richmond, Va. McCoy offers the love of Christ as the answer to challenges many women face in contemporary life.

“It’s one thing to hear somebody talk, but it’s another thing to see it played out on stage,” said McCoy, who performs at various venues including colleges and churches, many of them Southern Baptist. “It pulls on your heart a little bit more, hopefully.”

As McCoy is an only child, a single virgin and engaged to be married, she is not able to rely on personal experience to create the majority of her characters, who might have been orphaned, sold into slavery, trafficked for sex, domestically abused, sexually immoral, or might be an elderly widow and sole caretaker of children whose parents are not available. Instead, McCoy relies on godly inspiration, research, her education and the advice of experts in crafting the engaging characters who at times draw empathy and commiseration born of shared or similar experiences.

“I hope that the women will walk in wholeness, to experience healing, deliverance and encouragement. That’s my prayer,” McCoy said, “that every woman that I meet, every woman that I get a chance to speak to … will be encouraged to walk in wholeness and recognize that they’re God’s daughter.”

McCoy is scheduled to perform her show “She’s Got Issues” during the Woman’s Missionary Union Women’s Conference Aug. 26–28 at New Covenant Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tenn., and at the WMU Women’s Weekend Get-Away Nov. 7–9 in Lynchburg, Va. Previous dates have included the 2015 and 2016 Black Church Leadership and Family Conference at Ridgecrest, N.C.; the July 31 youth service of The Light Community Church in Richmond, Va.; a dinner theater at Lewis Missionary Baptist Church [National Baptist Convention USA] in Fayetteville, N.C.; and the Aug. 21 freshmen orientation at Hampton University, where McCoy in 2008 earned a bachelor’s degree in theater performance.

She was valedictorian at Hampton Christian High School, a kindergarten-through 12th grade school in Hampton, Va., and holds a master’s in communications from Regent University.

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Diana Chandler