Petition Launched to Keep ‘The Preachers’ On Air


To keep it short, simple and to the point, I really enjoy The Preachers. I’ve watched it daily since the premiere. The Preachers are funny intellectual men that are able to communicate with others that may not believe the same.

They address current events, discuss trendy topics, discuss music, marriage and so much more. More importantly they give hope every single day on air. Their job as talk show host is to interview and entertain not condemn & chastise the guest. I started this petition in response to a group that is requesting to have the show removed from air because they believe “the show mocks God and isn’t representative of the Christian body.”

Those of us that support the show by watching know this is so far from the true. This show is very needed as it provides hope, encouragement and laughter. Please sign this petition in support of our spiritual brothers and pastors that are making a difference in daytime television. Share this petition with your family and friends. Let’s support these brothers that are doing something positive. Share your support for the show on social media outlets, particularly Twitter and Facebook. Tune in daily! Check for air time in your local areas. Last but not least, PRAY. It is my prayer to continue this show for many years to come. The world needs this!

Click here to sign the petition