Jason Cook, Jemar Tisby, and Isaac Adams Respond to Controversial Article “When God Sends Your White Daughter a Black Husband” and Discuss What Can Be Learned from It


In this recorded conversation, Jason Cook (editor at The Gospel Coalition), Jemar Tisby (president of Reformed African American Network), and Isaac Adams (editor at The Front Porch) respond to the article “When God Sends Your White Daughter a Black Husband” and the ensuing backlash, as well as broader issues including handling discussions about race and the dignity of black life. 

The article has been removed from TGC’s website at the request of the author, who regrets hurting many readers. An article intended to celebrate God’s work in this family’s life also became an occasion for hurt and pain. Understandable frustration and constructive concern was not the only response. Sadly, white supremacists have threatened the author and her family.

We invite you to listen to the conversation to understand TGC’s editorial process, what we could have done better, what we can learn going forward, and more.


Jason Cook is an editor for The Gospel Coalition, focusing on pastoral ministry and integrating faith and work. He is associate pastor of preaching at Fellowship Memphis. He earned an MDiv from Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama, where he helped to build Iron City Church, a multi-ethnic ministry in one of America’s most segregated cities.

Isaac Adams is an elder at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., and serves the efforts of The Front PorchTogether for the Gospel (T4G), and CROSS. He is currently a student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Jemar Tisby is the president and co-founder of the Reformed African American Network (RAAN) where he blogs about theology, race, and culture. He holds an MDiv from Reformed Theological Seminary. Tisby also serves as the director of the African American Leadership Initiative and special assistant to the chancellor at RTS Jackson.

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