Brazil’s Senate Votes to Move Ahead With Impeachment Trial of Dilma Rousseff


Brazil’s Senate voted in the early hours of Wednesday to begin the last phase in the impeachment trial of Dilma Rousseff, the president who was suspended in May, setting the stage for her final removal from office.

The trial in the Senate, which will be overseen by the chief justice of the Supreme Court, is expected to take place this month. After hours of debate in the capital, Brasília, senators voted 59 to 21 to indict her on charges of budgetary manipulation, formally making her a defendant.

Although only a simple majority was needed in Wednesday’s vote, the number of senators that went against Ms. Rousseff exceeded the two-thirds that would be needed to oust her permanently when a final vote is held after the trial ends.

She also lost the crucial support of a senator from the governing Brazilian Democratic Movement Party who had previously voted against the impeachment process.

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SOURCE: NY Times, Vinod Sreeharsha