Alveda King Hints That She Will Vote For Trump as She Urges Christians to Vote For the Good of the Country

Alveda King never mentioned any candidate's name, but made it immediately clear how she is planning to vote in November. (Reuters photo)
Alveda King never mentioned any candidate’s name, but made it immediately clear how she is planning to vote in November. (Reuters photo)

Evangelist Dr. Alveda King, Director of Civil Rights for The Unborn, wrote Tuesday she is tired of hearing about how the 2016 presidential election boils down to voting for the “lesser of two evils.”

Instead, she wants to encourage Americans to vote for “what’s good for America.” Here is her complete commentary:

This Presidential election, many are saying they will vote for the “lesser of two evils.” Won’t it be better to vote for “what’s good for America?” Voting on the issues trumps evil hearts and personalities.

A colleague writes:

“We hear the phrase: ‘lesser of two evils’ a lot …This year, we have witnessed much voting hand-wringing with many people of faith claiming that it is evil to ever vote for ‘the lesser of two evils’, or for any evil at all. I have concluded that this lesser of two evils phrase is really a canard—a false picture of the electoral choice. Yes, we should never ever vote for evil; only for good. Hence, in a binary election, we should only vote for the good. As for both candidates appearing to be evil, remember that all of us are a mix of good and evil” (Jer. 17:9).

So, let’s overlook personal personality preferences; vote for the candidate with the greater potential to deliver on the issues most closely aligned with our faith and what is good for America.

This choice may be uncomfortable. But remember, we’re trusting God’s wisdom instead of a human candidate (Prov. 3:5-8).

For me, it’s sanctity of human life, procreation, racial justice, economic growth and stability, a positive work ethic, good health, safe borders, domestic harmony, good jobs, sustainable values based education, family stability, and a God-guided U.S. Supreme Court: all biblical. Even the building of the wall. It’s not a first! Ezra and Nehemiah did that.

Walls aren’t evil; it’s the intent that’s important. If the walls protect the citizens and yet have gates of legal entry to those in need, or desirous of becoming U.S. citizens, such walls aren’t evil.

Note that in Nehemiah’s day, the people had a mind to work. Handouts and entitlements weren’t on the agenda (Neh. 4:6)

Let’s pray and act now, and return to God, if not for ourselves, then for future generations.

Finally, let’s agree with Daniel in this prayer based on Daniel 9:18-19:

Oh Lord our God, lean down and listen to [us]. Open your eyes and see our despair. See how [much of America] lies in ruins. We make this plea, not because we deserve help, but because of your mercy. O Lord, forgive. O Lord, listen and act! For your own sake, do not delay, O my God, for your people and your city bear your name.”


While she never mentioned either candidate by name, she made it abundantly clear who she will support in the November election.

SOURCE: Charisma News – Bob Eschliman