WATCH: After Donald Trump Says he Is Fine with Transgenders Using Bathrooms of Their Choosing, Controversial ATLAH Church Pastor Asks Trump If he Wants Dennis Rodman to Share a Bathroom With Ivanka Trump

(PHOTO: TWITTER/ERIC METAXAS) A sign at ATLAH World Missionary Church of Harlem, New York, posted in 2016.
A sign at ATLAH World Missionary Church of Harlem, New York, posted in 2016.

A Harlem church known for its controversial signs recently asked if Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would support allowing Dennis Rodman share a bathroom with his daughter, Ivanka.

Months back, Trump said he was OK with transgender individuals using the bathroom of their chosen gender identity at his hotels.

During a town hall-style event in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center hosted by NBC’s “TODAY show” back in April, the billionaire real estate mogul was asked by host Matt Lauer: “If Caitlyn Jenner were to walk into Trump Tower and want to use the bathroom, you would be fine with her using any bathroom she chooses?”

Trump responded, “That is correct.”

ATLAH World Missionary Church posted a message on its marquee sign last week that reads: “Should Jesse Jackson and Dennis Rodman go into the same bathroom with Chelsea Clinton, Malia and Sasha Obama and Ivanka Trump?”

Christian author Eric Metaxas, who posted a photo of the sign on Twitter on Friday, commented: “I sometimes run past a church in Harlem with the most provocative messages. This is the most recent one.”

ATLAH Church Pastor James David Manning expounded on his church’s message in a 15 and-a-half minute video posted on YouTube.

In the message, Manning called out Trump for his comments about allowing transgender people to use women’s bathrooms.

“When Mr. Trump said Bruce Jenner can go into any bathroom, I can’t imagine why he would discriminate against Dennis Rodman,” Manning argued.

“I’m just pointing up what the man said. I’m just telling you what’s going on in America today. And I am asking a question.”

Manning went on to say that he’s “not comfortable with these people pushing this sodomy,” adding that he’s “had enough of politicians all bowing down to these f—-ts and lesbos just to be able to be popular.”

This is not the first time that ATLAH has garnered widespread attention for their views. In 2014, the church received national headlines for having a sign that read “Jesus would stone homos.”

Adding that “stoning is still the law,” the message included a scriptural references to back the argument of the provocative comment.


SOURCE: The Christian Post – Michael Gryboski