Former CIA Director Calls Trump an ‘Unwitting Agent of Russia’, Believes He is a Threat to National Security


A former CIA acting director endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president on Friday, calling her Republican rival Donald Trump unqualified and a threat to national security.

In a New York Times op-ed, Michael Morell, who worked under Presidents George W. Bush and Obama, called Trump an “unwitting agent” of Russia.”

Morell said he was not registered with either political party, and that he had voted for both Republicans and Democrats. He said he was ending his silence over his political preferences because he viewed Trump as a threat to national security.

“Mr. [Vladimir] Putin played upon Mr. Trump’s vulnerabilities by complimenting him. He responded just as Mr. Putin had calculated,” Morell wrote.

He then criticized Trump for praising Putin.

“Mr. Putin is a great leader, Mr. Trump says, ignoring that he has killed and jailed journalists and political opponents, has invaded two of his neighbors and is driving his economy to ruin,” Morell wrote.

“Mr. Trump has also taken policy positions consistent with Russian, not American, interests – endorsing Russian espionage against the United States, supporting Russia’s annexation of Crimea and giving a green light to a possible Russian invasion of the Baltic States.

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SOURCE: The Hill, Jessie Hellmann