Dad ‘Traumatized’ After Finding His Daughter’s Body Off Running Path


An anguished Queens dad was the first to find the body of his murdered daughter just off a path near Howard Beach where the pair often ran together, authorities said Wednesday.

“He’s traumatized,” a family friend said of Philip Vetrano, 60, who discovered the body of his daughter, Karina, after she’d been sexually assaulted and then strangled during a solo jog. “This is too much for them.”

Cops are investigating whether a vagrant may have hit the 30-year-old over the head with an object as she was running, then attacked her after she was rendered unconscious, police sources said.

“She was in optimum physical shape so we think that she would have defended herself if she hadn’t been knocked unconscious,” a source said.

Karina was found with her sports bra and pants pulled down, according to law enforcement sources.

Police are also questioning her ex-boyfriends to see if they had any possible involvement, police sources said.

Karina, an avid runner who clocked three to five miles a day, left for the run in Spring Creek Park around 5 p.m.

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SOURCE: NY Post, Jamie Schram, Shawn Cohen and Danika Fears