Black Single Foster Mother in Pennsylvania Forced from Home After Porch Doused with Gas

Courtney Mike-Wilson and daughter Nariya -- via GoFundme
Courtney Mike-Wilson and daughter Nariya — via GoFundme

A black single mom, along with her foster daughter, are being forced from their Pennsylvania home following a series of hate crimes, including soaking her front porch in gasoline while she wasn’t home.

According to WTAE, local police in Pitcarin have called in the FBI to help with the investigation that began with a racial slur painted on the side of Courtney Mike-Wilson’s car.

“I probably didn’t actually see this till maybe late afternoon when I was putting stuff into the car and was like, ‘What is this?’” Mike-Wilson explained.

A few days later, she discovered dodge-balls her foster daughter Nariya plays with slashed with a knife and left on her doormat.

“That morning they were popped in front of my door just so I can’t miss them. I think that’s what scares me right there is you have no problem coming on my front porch,” she said.

On Wednesday, the stalker struck again, dousing the front porch and her daughter’s toys with gasoline, with a note left behind reading: “Now we’re done.”

Despite the police and FBI investigation, Mike-Wilson has moved her daughter in with family members while she looks for a new place to live, saying she fears for their lives.

“I stay to myself, I go to work, and I come home. I’m a foster parent, so I really don’t have time for anything,” she said. “She [Nariya] can’t walk to the park anymore. She can’t go to the day care. I don’t tell her what’s going on. I’d rather she not be scared, but it’s hard to come up with first and last month rent so quickly, especially when you think you’re going to be somewhere for a while.”

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Source: Raw Story | TOM BOGGIONI