Dallas Police Chief David Brown is a Man of Style and Substance


The police chief who calmed a city after a sniper murdered five Dallas policemen is a man with true style: He knows that it’s how you act underneath the clothes that matters.

“We’re hiring. We’re hiring. Get off that protest line and put an application in.”

That was Chief David Brown of the Dallas Police Department encouraging members of theBlack Lives Matter movement to come in and serve as Dallas policemen. It was also one of the great “put up or shut up” lines of all time.

It is one of the reasons Chief Brown has become one of the most stylish men in American public life. Style doesn’t just mean what you wear—it’s how you wear and how you act underneath the clothes.

New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton describes Chief Brown as a “consummate professional who represents some of the best progressive police leadership today.” Now Commissioner Bratton has style, too, and not just because he cleaned up New York (twice) and Los Angeles, but because he has the Boston Police Department’s highest medal for valor—and never mentions it. That is real tough guy style. His compliments mean a lot.

Chief Brown looks great in his dark blue uniform with the four stars on the shoulder and buttoned to the neck. There is nothing relaxed about him. He is calm. Always reassuring. He has a number of medals on the right side of his uniform. His badge is on the right. His shoes are shined. He is all business all the time. He is always ready to do his job.

His skin looks like he polishes it, his shoulders are thick. He is the old-school man’s man. In one of the most controversial times in American policing history, he is someone that people listen to and believe. Google his images and look at how tight his collar and tie are. That is in Dallas in the summer. He makes being uncomfortable into a statement of style. He isn’t trying to be happy. He wants to be in charge.

His successes include an 80 percent decline in police shootings. He has a police force that is 25 percent black. This equals the percentage of African Americans in Dallas. He has had no problem firing cops, even when that brings him into confrontations with the police union.

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