WATCH: Ben Carson says Trump is ‘Acting Like I Did When I Stabbed My Friend’


Ben Carson said on Wednesday that he understands why Donald Trump gets into “so much trouble” with the media because “as a teenager I was like that… Everybody knows about the knifing incident.”

Appearing on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” guest host Charles Payne said of Trump’s recent dustups, “I’ve noticed that lot of this happens when [Trump] is in a one-on-one interview with more of these progressive media types and they sort of kind of bait him in there and it is that New Yorker, I gotta tell you. I’m like that too, sort of a New Yorker, a knee-jerk thing, we fight first and ask questions later, you know if we feel you disrespected us but it is a trap.”

Carson interjected, “Believe me, I understand it. I understand it because as a teenager I was like that. And that’s how I got in so much trouble, and I was going after people with things. Everybody knows about the knifing incident which was 100 percent true but I eventually learned that to react, to lash out was actually not a sign of strength, it was a sign of weakness, to be able to pass over the incident and move on, that’s the sign of real strength.”

When Carson was younger, he and a friend got in a fight over which radio station to listen to when Carson grabbed a knife and stabbed his friend. The friend was uninjured because the knife snapped on his belt buckle.

Daily Caller