Coptic Christians In U. S. Call on Government to Wake Up and Do Something to Stop Brutal Attacks on Copts In Egypt


Coptic Christians protesting outside the White House Tuesday called on the U.S. government to wake up and do more to stop the brutal attacks on Copts in Egypt.

Attacks on Copts have dramatically intensified in Egypt the past two months and Christians facing persecution are seeing little to no help from the Egyptian government, according to Coptic Solidarity, which organized the protest.

Churches are being burned to the ground, women are being sexually assaulted, and priests and their families are being attacked and killed because of their religious beliefs.

“We are a persecuted minority, we are seeking for protections, we are seeking for laws against discrimination, laws to protect religious minorities in Egypt. But there is nothing in Egypt, we are persecuted daily, daily persecution,” says Magdi Khalil, a Coptic political analyst and one of the organizers of the event.

Khalil says Coptic Christian women are being abducted from universities and villages, then forced into converting to Islam and married off to jihadists. He says the government is not only not stopping these atrocities, but likely assisting in the kidnappings.

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Abigail Robertson