Christian Persecution Has Come to the West: What Can We Learn?

(Photo: Open Doors USA/File) Dr. David Curry is the President and CEO for Open Doors USA.
(Photo: Open Doors USA/File)
Dr. David Curry is the President and CEO for Open Doors USA.

The horrific killing of a priest during mass in Normandy this week shook many of us to the core. It was shocking to know that ISIS could do something like this in a Western country. But this attack is uniquely significant compared to other recent attacks in Western countries. Christians were specifically targeted while practicing their faith.

For many Westerners, the church attack in Normandy marks a shift in how they think about the persecution of Christians that’s been happening with shocking regularity over the past decade in many places in the world. The attack by the Islamic State on the church in France, and the public execution of a priest at the altar, brings the idea of persecution into sharp focus.

Until the Normandy attack, the persecution of Christians by ISIS happened at a distance. Now Western Christians are confronted with the reality that they themselves can be targets of this kind of heinous treatment. While other terrorists have been arrested while planning attacks on churches, Normandy is the first such notable attack on record by ISIS on western soil. Though it was the first, it will likely not be the last.

Western governments are undoubtedly — and appropriately — scrambling to develop strategies for preventing future attacks. But how are Christians in the West to respond? What should Christians learn from the Normandy attack and what does it mean for the future of Christianity in the West?

As persecution and horrific church attacks like these come to the West, eventually even to America, Western Christians need to learn from the example of their Eastern brothers and sisters.

Like the millions of Christians who have already been persecuted for their Christian faith, we have to learn not to live in fear but rather wholeheartedly embrace the message of Jesus. They live each day with the knowledge that they could be attacked. But rather than living in fear, they are emboldened to live out their faith and love people in their communities as Jesus has called us to do — no matter what the cost.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
David Curry is the president and CEO of Open Doors USA, an organization equipping and advocating for persecuted Christians around the world.