Christian Church In Iran Continues to Grow at Rapid Rate Despite Islamic Persecution


Christians in Iran face imprisonment, beatings, and even death. But the Church continues to grow at a rapid rate.

In 1979, when the Islamic revolution swept to power there were only about 500 Muslim Background Believers, according to the reference book Operation World. It estimates that today there are at least 100,000 MBB’s and some place the number as high as 1 million.

Dissatisfaction with the harsh Islamic regime and disillusionment with Islam in general are part of the shift, but the main reason is bold outreach by Christians inside the country, Mark Howard of Elam Ministries told CBN News.

Elam Ministries works to strengthen the Iranian church both inside the country and among the diaspora living in the Middle East and Europe.

“I think first and foremost we have to acknowledge that many people have been praying for Iran for a long time and that the Lord is doing something special in that region,” he said.

Powerful testimonies of people from all walks of life — including hardened criminals, Muslim imams, and abused women — are finding faith in Christ are pouring out of Iran, Howard wrote in a blog on The Gospel Coalition web page.

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