In Aftermath of Failed Coup, Christians’ Fear Increased Persecution as Islam Tightens Its Grip on Turkey


Some warn that Turkey is on its way to becoming an Islamic republic like Iran.  Recent developments put Christians there at even greater risk.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is using the failed July 15 coup to reshape Turkey in his image. Some say it looks like a reboot of the old Muslim Ottoman Empire and a de facto dictatorship built around the immensely popular leader.

In what Amnesty International has labeled a “brutal backlash” against enemies real or imagined, Erdogan has detained over 15,000 people, arrested 8,000 and dismissed 60,000 civil servants.

In a speech to his followers last week, Erdogan, sounding more like a sultan than the president of a democracy, said,  “For one time only, I will be forgiving those who disrespected me and insulted me in any way and will be withdrawing all charges against them.”

If Turkey is turning into an Islamic dictatorship, Christians face increased persecution. Protestants in Turkey are already not allowed to build churches and must call them “associations.”

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Dale Hurd