Former Pastor Brutally Murdered by Maoists In India

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India is the world’s largest democracy, yet it is still one of the most dangerous places for those who share the Gospel message. And it isn’t just militant Hindus and Sikhs who persecute evangelists and Christian converts. Maoists have also felt threatened over the years by the spread of Christianity in India and Nepal.

Last Friday night, Maoist in the East Godavari District of Andra Pradesh state decided they’d had enough of John Maraiah. Two hundred of them reportedly entered into two tribal villages in Chintuir Mandal and slit the throat of the former pastor.

They accused Maraiah of being a police informer and they left a letter threatening to kill anyone who informed on them.

The Maosist say the local police have arrested and tortured some of their supporters.

India has battled a long Maoist insurgency and does not want Maoists to seize control of local and state governments throughout the country–just like they did in nearby Nepal. A lengthy insurgency in that country brought an end to the monarchy and the world’s only Hindu kingdom. The king was deposed and Maosist now control the Nepal government.

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Gary Lane